Thursday, December 15, 2011

Last night

I'm a huge Starbucks fiend. Huge.
I have a regular Starbucks I go to, quite often - with friends. Most of the baristas know us or have come to recognize us.
Starbucks hasn't always had a loyalty program instilled and even now that they've started one, it's still not all that great. However, when you go to a location that truly does appreciate your business that is a loyalty program on its own. For example...last night one of my best friends and I decided to go for a late night coffee run. Or in our case a Caramel Apple Spice run. When we got there they were giving out samples of their Cranberry Bliss bars (to die for) and when it was my turn to order an pay I got an extra sample. After having two samples I was thinking of ordering one, but our regular barista decided to come up to where we were seated and give us one instead. Yum.
It's customer service like that that has kept me from going to other locations in my area. Not because I get free treats but because of how I, as a customer, am treated.
There's my daily rant :).
Recap? Even the littlest of kind gestures can turn a persons day around.

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