Tuesday, January 24, 2012

The Baking Experiment

Today is a homework and study day, you're all probably like, "okay........?", well in my world this means I don't leave the house.  I brew myself some coffee, eat lunch, and start reading the marvelous Accounting textbook that I adore OH SO MUCH.   Not.  So, like many professors say, "study for an hour, take a break, repeat".  My break for today will consist of baking, like it has the last couple of weeks.  Yay:).

What's my baking experiment for today?

I was on Pinterest last night, just looking at the Food & Drink section when I stumbled upon a beautiful picture of donuts.  Yes, that's right, a beautiful picture of donuts!!  I then decided to click it and low and behold, it took me to Butterflyfood.  At first I couldn't see the donuts, or the recipe for the donuts, but luckily the author, Ash, included a search this blog option.  So glad.  Saved me time.  Anyhow, due to her Easy Raised Donuts recipe, I'm experimenting.

However, like I do with most recipes I find, I change them up a teeny bit and add my own touch.

These donuts will be cinnamon banana.

Wish me luck ;)


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