Thursday, January 26, 2012

For the love of dog

My humble moment for the day was not getting through hours of homework, making a delicious dinner or even going out for coffee with a friend.  My humble moment for the day was taking that goofy looking girl you see above for a nice little walk.  As if cuddles weren't enough, just her looking up at me like that, waiting for me to throw her weird two legged, faceless squeak toy for her is enough.  I mean, just look at her!  

Walking Mila has been one of the best things for me, at first it used to be short .5km walks, however, the more she grows the longer the walks get.  Not because she can handle long walks now but because if I don't walk her for more than 2.5km she just doesn't get the necessary exercise a dog her size needs.  Although, I'm not saying that that walk is all she gets.  Being a dog owner, one must establish routines.  Right?  I didn't really realize this at first - aside from the routine feeding times - but even the walks count.  

Mila is an incredibly energetic dog.  It's in her breed to be.  They are hyper and need TONS of running around, daily.  Like I said, the walks won't cut it.  

During one of our daily walks I decided to take random routes and better acquaint us to the neighbourhood.  I've lived here for 5+ years but didn't really know what was around us until getting Mila.  Anyways..back to the topic.  I discovered a little dog park in one of the neighbouring areas.  How awesome is that?  Prior to this the only off-leash dog park I knew of was one that was driving distance away.  Not very routine or walk friendly.  So discovering this park was like a dream come true.  I honestly couldn't tell you who was more excited, me or her.

So we walked through the gate, I told her to sit, took off her leash and she began her inspection.  She sniffed every inch of that park.  Then she ran, in circles, over and over and over again.  I felt silly because I had nothing to throw for her, I hadn't prepared to let her off leash and hadn't prepared to throw her anything.  Like her, I explored.  I found a stick and she fell in love with it.  
Awesome, eh??

Owning a dog means a routine, this is ours.  Walk for x amount of kilometres, go to the off-leash area, walk home.  Solid routine.  She comes home panting and collapses.  Happy puppy, happy pet owner.


I think that areas like this are vital to have in suburban districts.  I am noticing more and more that people are venturing out and getting dogs but I'm also noticing that there are just not enough dog friendly areas.  Dogs aren't meant to be couped up day-in, day-out.  They love to run, play and explore.  They're curious.  Even the little ones!

A great way to keep track of the amount of walking you and your walking partner(s) do is to use an app!  Or if you're a little more old school, use a pedometre.  I use an app, considering my phone is my life.  I wish I were joking.  Here's a screenshot of the app after today's walk.  It's called "Walkmeter", if you want more info on it, read Afternoon walk.

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