Thursday, January 26, 2012

Sock bun curls. Yep, that's right.

I find myself writing an hour too late.  The last couple of entries I've written exactly when I've wanted to (well, the same day I did what I talked about lol).  However, today was just kind of really hectic.

Prior to the hectic mess of a day I woke up with my puppy snuggled up against me with her head on my shoulder.  She melts my heart.  Truly melts my heart.  She is my baby.  She even knows when I'm starting to get ready it usually means I'm going to leave for an hour or two or more and starts looking up at me whining.  Hehe.  ANYWAYS...  I got a little side tracked there.  When I realized she was snuggled and sleeping I decided to go ahead and get a daily dose of my addiction (for those of you who know me, no I do not mean coffee).  Lately I've been incredibly addicted to Pinterest - if you don't know what this is, go to it, NOW.  While going through the Style pins I came  across one labeled "Sock bun curls".  I was intrigued, the curls were absolutely gorgeous and came from using a sock?  Huh?!  I clicked and found that a how-to video was also posted, thank you, _______ because reading how-tos when it comes to hair doesn't work for me.

After watching the video I was even more intrigued.  Why?  Well, I have long, thick and wavy-ish hair and lots of it.  So curling it with a flat-iron or curling iron just takes way too long.  This on the other hand seemed quick, easy and comfortable (BONUS!).  I bet you're interested now, if you haven't heard of this technique that is.  I'd love to do a little how to about it but I believe that this video posted on YouTube is pretty darn straight forward.  I'm ranting and raving after only a short go at this but even the little amount I left my hair in it for turned out spectacular.  I've put my hair up in the sock bun again just a couple of hours ago, I'll post more pictures of it tomorrow.

Wish me luck (;


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