Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Like a Boss...

On Sunday - January 15th - my best friend picked up his puppy. He then came to visit me at work with the lil' guy. What a precious, adorable, bundle of joy! Although all he wanted to do was sleep.
A few hours later, he and Lars (the puppy's name at the time) came to visit my puppy and I. Mila is almost 6 months old and a basket case. Also, incredibly huge! No, not really, but when compared to that tiny fella, oh boy.
I keep getting sidetracked.
Anyways! They came to visit and Mila was confused. So confused by him and he just started to growl and bark. A mean mean bark, I must say! He scared her. Which surprised us both.
He then proceeded to chase her. Honestly the cutest thing I have ever seen!
I will say this though, I do not miss the super young puppy stages. It makes me feel good to know my puppy knows her name as well as command and tricks. Oh, and the fact that potty training is done and over with:).

Oh..and Lars' new name is Boss. Why? Well...he's like a boss ;). Silly? Yes! Fitting? Incredibly so! Besides, the name Lars is just bleh (my opinion, no offense whatsoever)!

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