Monday, January 30, 2012

Rubber Ducky, you're the one....

...I don't have a fascination with rubber duckies, I'm not crazy about them, I don't use them, nor are they my "very best friend".  That fella up there, the rubber ducky, is Mila's new toy.  I found out a while ago that she loves chewing on them.  So I decided to buy her a nice big one, that would keep her occupied for hours and not give her gas.  Boy, does she have awful gas.  It's terrible.  

The reason behind the rubber ducky was to keep her busy and distracted with something that didn't make a THUMP! every, single time she dropped it.  Nothing hurts my head more than her bones hitting the ground from over two feet up, while I'm doing homework.  So, this seemed like the reasonable answer.  She does have other toys, but when it comes to ones that will solidly keep her busy, well, she ran out.

If you're a pet owner, actually an owner of a very rambunctious breed of dog, get them a rubber ducky.  I swear by it (:.

Did I get my six question, six plus part accounting homework done today?  I did.  So there ya have it.

Stay tuned for my awesome red velvet cupcakes - tomorrow.


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